What is the ideal plan for you?

Price on request
  • 1 company/farm
  • Up to 2 Users
Price on request
  • Up 3 Company/Farm
  • Up 6 Users
Price on request
  • up 5 Company/Farm
  • Up 10 Users
Price on request
  • up 10 Company/Farm
  • Up 20 Users


  • You can test the system for 7 dais (trial), without commitment, to evaluate it better and verify if it'll meet your needs;

  • All plans give the right to unrestricted accessto all functionalities and system modules;

  • Discounts of 5% or 10% to semi-annual or annual plan, respectively;

  • It's possible to upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time, you just have to contact our support.

Our business model:

We adopt the business model known as Software as a Service ( SaaS ), in which we take responsibility for the entire structure necessary for system's availability (servers, connectivity, information security, error correction, etc.) and the client will use the software via internet, paying a recurring value for the use.

The monthly policy is important so that the end user always has an updated product and errors free. Comparing with the traditional software product distribution model, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • It doesn't require the client to create a complex structure and train professionals to keep the system running, allowing you to focus on your business and leave IT problems with us;
  • Implementation can be done quickly, not disputing with other company's priorities. Start using right now!
  • It allows a gradual approach of implementation, being able to start with smaller plans and expand as you have a positive return on your investment, reducing the risks and the time for investment's return. Licenses can be increased or reduced over time, according to business needs.
  • It is possible to interact with our team and suggest improvements or new functionalities, once approved and implemented, all clients will receive that evolution;
  • As system is online, we can offer remote technical support and streamline to the entire process! Which means, correct any problems and remove their doubts in real time, without the need to move our team to your farm/company. You may also want our Specialized Consulting ;
  • agrosolutions guarantees cash flow to keep operating and adapt quickly to market changes, promoting a cycle of continuous improvement that guarantees an always efficient and updated product.