Who are we?

A agrosolutions's an information technology's startup focused in the rural producer. We work to provide quality information systems for that niche market, so lacking in modern and efficient technologies.

Our main product is a solution in management and control of production costs for the agribusiness. Our system (ERP/SaaS) serves the main players of the first sector, agricultural and livestock properties.

We're incubated at CIAEM (Incubator of Technology-Based Companies) of Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU).

Why choose us ?

Solution's reach

We offer a management and cost control solution of complete production for the agribusiness.

Our Management System (ERP/SaaS) serves the main agribusiness players, among them: agricultural and/or livestock farms and agroindustry companies in general. See more!

Note: the system, although focused on agribusiness, is not exclusive to the farms, it's flexible enough to serve non-agricultural companies, so the farmer, who also owns companies of other natures, will not necessarily need to hire another ERP system.

  • Knowledge and experience of the sector's problems
  • Price accessible to the small and medium producer!
  • Differentiated usability and design , we make the system the most intuitive and easy to use, we deliver what's most modern in terms of technology through a nice and clean interface.
  • Our well-defined approach means that we can offer exclusive functions for the sector, such as production traceability, control of the applicability of fertilizers and agrochemicals, base with more than 1500 registered inputs, soil/foliar analysis, etc
  • The market requires customization and focus, we are a small and flexible company! If our solution doesn't serve you at some point, we can adapt the system for you!
Equipment and technical knowledge

With an entrepreneurial profile, Eduardo Rezende LinkedIn , comes from a family of rural producers, therefore, he understood and experienced, in practice, the main difficulties encountered in managing a rural business.

Graduate in Computer Science by the UFSCar and post-graduate in Business Consultancy by the FIA, he participated in more than ten projects in large companies and multinationals in the sector: agriculture, agroindustry, financial and retail.

The system also has the collaboration of the following specialists: accountants, agronomists, rural producers (clients and potential clients) and systems' developers.

The entrepreneur's experience and his close relationship with the economy's first sector - agronomists, rural producers and agricultural cooperatives, contributes to the access to their problems and difficulties.

Mission, Vision and Values


Solutions for the rural properties' planning and management through a system integrated and simple to use.


To be the best information technology company dedicated to agribusiness, transmitting credibility, consolidating the data and processes of our clients in an innovative and continuous improvement way.


  1. Seriousness
  2. Competition
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Creativity - Innovation
  5. Adaptation to the environment (internal and external)
  6. Focus on the rural producer
  7. Team work
  8. Socio-Environmental Responsibility
  9. Recycling of knowledge
  10. Valorization of people


Some of Our Customers